2017 WJCAC All-Conference Baseball Team

2017 WJCAC All-Conference Baseball Team

The Western Junior College Athletic Conference has announced the 2017 All-Conference Baseball Team.


Most Valuable Player: Eric Senior, Midland College

Most Valuable Pitcher: Jon Nicholson, Midland College

Coach of the Year: Kurtis Lay, Odessa College





Jon Nicholson Midland College

Kody  Bullard            Western Texas College

Matteo Bocchi            Odessa College

Dylan Bein     New Mexico Jr. College

Connor Queen           Odessa College




Doug Facendo            Howard College

Mitch Holding            Odessa College




Andrew Morales        Odessa College

Ryan Rijo        New Mexico Jr. College

Nolan Rattai   Midland College

Masen Hibbeler         Odessa College

Andrew Beck Howard College

Braden Hayward       Midland College




Eric Senior     Midland College

Brett Esau      Frank Phillips College

Kyler Castillo Odessa College

Chase Whetsel           New Mexico Jr. College

Donivan Lopez           Western Texas College




Tresten Kennard      Odessa College




Julian Cyr       Clarendon College

Jose Solis        Clarendon College

Yan Tremblay            Clarendon College

Anthony Quirion       Clarendon College

Erik Rodriguez           Clarendon College

Juan Arzaga   El Paso Community College

Brandon Young         Howard College

Othon De La Cruz      Luna Community College

Mark Dominguez       Luna Community College

Gregory Ozuna          Luna Community College

Mark Castelblanco    Luna Community College

Brock Barger  Midland College

Callan Johnson          Midland College

Hill Alexander            Midland College

Jake Dickerson           New Mexico Jr. College

Gavin Johnson           New Mexico Jr. College

Larry Leitha   New Mexico Jr. College

Wade Raburn            Odessa College

Jordan Williams         New Mexico Military Institute

Kirby Pimentel          New Mexico Military Institute

Parker Bateman        New Mexico Military Institute

Bobby Galindo           New Mexico Military Institute

Angel Colon    New Mexico Military Institute

Grant Jones    Odessa College

Chandler Casey         Odessa College

Jorge Napoles            Western Texas College

Luis Diaz         Western Texas College

Ramiro Sanchez         Western Texas College

Pablo Ortiz     Western Texas College

Mark Trimble            Western Texas College