WJCAC All-Conference Rodeo Team

WJCAC All-Conference Rodeo Team

The Western Junior College Athletic Conference (WJCAC) has announced the 2015 Rodeo All-Conference team.

2015 WJCAC Rodeo
Men's Team Champion                    Western Texas College
Women's Team Champion              Odessa College
Coach of the Year
Men's Coach of the Year                 Greg Rhodes – Western Texas College
Women's Coach of the Year           CJ Aragon – Odessa College
Athlete of the Year
Men's Athlete of the Year              Shane O'Connell – Western Texas College
Women's Athlete of the Year        Rylee Jo Dick – Odessa College
All Conference Performers
Saddle Bronc                                          1st Team                Hawkins Boyce – Odessa College
                                                                        HM                  Colten Jackson – Clarendon College

Bareback Riding                                    1st Team                 Shane O'Connell – Western Texas College
                                                                        HM                  Jamie Howlett – Western Texas College

Bull Riding                                                1st Team               Josh Griggs – Frank Phillips College
                                                                        HM                  Bradie Gray – Odessa College

Tie Down Roping                                  1st Team                 Keely Bonnett – New Mexico Junior College
                                                                        HM                 Randall Teague – South Plains College

Steer Wrestling                                      1st Team                 Chet Boren – Odessa College
                                                                        HM                 Hank Filippini – Odessa College

Team Roping Header                             1st Team                 Wyatt Casper – Clarendon College (TIE)
                                                                 1st Team                 Twister Vinson – Western Texas College (TIE)

Team Roping Heeler                             1st Team                 Devin Wigemyr – New Mexico Junior College
                                                                        HM                  Jose Domenigo – South Plains College

Barrel Racing                                          1st Team                 Rylee Jo Dick – Odessa College
                                                                        HM                  Kellie Collier – New Mexico Junior College

Breakaway Roping                               1st Team                 Tamara Tunink – Western Texas College
                                                                        HM                 Rylee Jo Dick – Odessa College

Goat Tying                                                1st Team                 Brittany Jo Cudworth – Odessa College
                                                                        HM                  Anna Burton – New Mexico Junior College