NTJCAC All-Conference Volleyball Team

NTJCAC All-Conference Volleyball Team

2018 NTJCAC Volleyball Awards

Most Valuable Player: Hayley Daniel, Ranger College
Offensive Player of the Year: Alyssa Meyer, Hill College
Defensive Player of the Year: Darby Hughes, Ranger College
Newcomer of the Year: Allie Hamsher, North Central Texas College
Coach of the Year: Nicole Smith, Ranger College

1st Team All-Conference/ All-Region: (includes players listed above)
Jocelyn Grewing, NCTC
Breonna Fleming, Temple College
Morgan Burns, Hill College
Hannah Brink, Ranger College
Madison Scott, Cisco College
Jasmine Sims, Hill College
Bailey Barnhill ,Hill College
Briana Maxwell ,Ranger College
Jasmine Jacinto, Vernon College

2nd Team All- Conference:
Veronika Webb, NCTC
Meredith McPeek, NCTC
Gretchen Zedik, Cisco College
Teranne Shepard, Cisco College

Taylor Rupp, Cisco College
Chloe Darilek, Temple College
Imana Ellis, Temple College
Sawyer Siemens, Hill College
Alyssa Parks, Hill College
Ashlyn Bradley, Vernon College
Shykerra Fanner, Vernon College
Keeley Johnston, Vernon College

All-Tournament Team
MVP – Jasmine Sims, Hill College
Bailey Barnhill, Hill College
Morgan Burns, Hill College
Allie Hamsher, NCTC
Veronika Webb, NCTC
Darby Hughes, Ranger College
Alexandria Castillo, Temple College